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Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde Bared to You by Sylvia Day Down to You by Michelle Leighton On Dublin Street by. Avoiding Commitment By: K.A. Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard from you in days. Hazy now, this fog just follows me around. Actions. Report. Avoiding Commitment (Avoiding #1) by K.A. Linde K. A. Linde. Avoiding Commitment 2 of 6 K.A. Linde - Avoiding rainbowgiraffe.info MB.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Fantastic read! Gritty, real, painful, and wonderfully messy a true Avoiding Commitment - Kindle edition by K.A. Linde. Avoiding Commitment 1 Ka Linde - [Free] Avoiding Commitment 1 Ka Linde [PDF ] [EPUB]. School Health Guidelines to Prevent Unintentional. Avoiding Commitment By: K.A. Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard Download Neles Intelligent Valve Controller Series Ndx PDF.

The characters, places, situations and events of this story are developed materializations of my imagination and therefore belong entirely to me. Distribution of this story is only permitted with my written consent, and any use of the aforementioned factors must be approved of also.

Please do not steal; I shouldn't be punished for your lack of originality and dedication. I don't own any of the name brands i.

Nike, Coach, etc. For those you that don't know, the Some Kind of Wonderful awards are romance based awards for online fiction. Avoiding Commitment By: Linde Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard from you in days.

Hazy now, this fog just follows me around, And it's only you that burns it away. Present Vibrations reverberated throughout the miniscule apartment. The sound dulled and then died, not even registering on the tiny figure wrapped in a heap of hand-me-down quilts her grandmother had sewn together during the Great Depression. Winter was far from blowing in on Manhattan Island, but that never stopped Lexi from surrounding herself with a little piece of home.

Again, the electronic noise pierced the early morning silence. She groaned, nearly rolling off the twin sized bed. Her hand fumbled clumsily for the alarm clock, slamming on the snooze button several times before realizing that the damn thing wasn't even plugged in let alone set for an early Saturday morning wake-up call.

She peeled her eyes open searching desperately for the obnoxious noise before zeroing in on her crummy old cell phone. It was situated between a box of old photographs, last night's cup of coffee, and her laptop, which had turned itself off when she hadn't been kind enough to plug it in for the night. She stared across the room debating whether this or anything else was important enough to get out of her cozy nook this early on a Saturday morning as the third ring blared through the apartment.

Shoving the covers off of her bare legs, she painstakingly stumbled out of bed, immediately stubbing her big toe on her nightstand. Swear words escaped her mouth and she barely kept from falling over as pain shot through her toe. Reaching out for the cell phone, she extended her arm and barely saved it before it vibrated over the side of the cluttered desk.

The voice was vaguely familiar almost seductive, but it was ridiculously early so she wasn't going to blame herself for not immediately recognizing the deep masculine tone.

Lexi pulled the phone from her ear and looked at the time. She groaned when she saw it was only six; four hours before she had to be awake. The number glaring blindly from the screen wasn't programmed into her phone, but this came as no surprise. She had accidentally dropped her phone in a toilet two months earlier when left alone in a nightclub.

The phone had miraculously survived, but none of her numbers had. She had spent the next week recovering: The fact that she didn't recognize the number wasn't what perplexed her, but that it wasn't a local New York area code.

Strangely enough, it was an Atlanta area code, and the only people she still talked to from home were her parents. When she had replaced the numbers in her phone, she hadn't retained a single Atlanta phone number other than those. After moving to New York two years ago, she had tried to let go of her past and move on to what she hoped would be a bright future. I would have never called if I didn't absolutely have to.

I feel really bad about this Lexi. I hope you aren't still angry at me, but I really did have to call you," he said sincerely. She almost felt bad for speaking so severely to him especially since she was too groggy to recognize the voice. And to be honest, she thought he sounded a little pathetic. She rubbed her tired eyes before allowing herself to speak again. She sighed heavily knowing that silence meant that this wasn't going to be someone she wanted to speak with.

You're not in my phone. The sound of her heart palpitating inside her chest could be heard out the door, down the hall and quite possibly outside in the nearby construction zone through the jackhammer slamming against the concrete…not to mention through the phone.

Her mouth felt like she had been chewing on chalk all night and her stomach had suddenly been assaulted by butterflies whacking their tiny wings violently against her insides. All she could do was cough in disbelief. Her mind was whirling with indescribable possibilities for the purpose of his phone call - each new idea seemingly more ridiculous than the last.

Deep down, she knew her reaction was not only uncharacteristic of her usual cool demeanor, but also completely uncalled for.


So what if she hadn't heard a word from him since their last encounter over a year and a half ago? That didn't mean that he couldn't drop her a line at six o'clock in the morning on a random Saturday. After all, they had been friends…of sorts for nearly six years now. I didn't mean to intrude," he said quickly. She was terrified that he might hang up after only a few short minutes of his time. Of course you're not intruding.

I just wasn't expecting…well you. I wasn't expecting you," she could hear how breathy and uneven her voice had gotten and wanted to kick herself with her hurt toe for being such a girl sometimes.

I'm sorry I've been out of touch. Maybe he never would have called her again. Her mind poured over the countless possible interpretations of this statement. She could feel them drying out, but somehow couldn't bring herself to blink. She couldn't process what he was saying. He needed her? Not just needed her, but needed her there with him. Needed her home. She shook her head realizing she must be misunderstanding him.

There was no way that after everything that had happened between them that he would ever call her like this. It's kind of hard to explain. Do you have a minute? Shelves: hate-that-i-love-them , love-triangles , wtf-did-i-just-read , tearjerkers , shocking-twists , childhood-loves , sweet-heart-warming-stories , forbidden-romance , rich-guys , listened-to-audio-version Wow!

I am still trying to get my emotions - mainly anger - under control after reading this one. I have not wanted to pummel a hero like this in a long time! I'm not sure I can articulate how furious I am with Jack, but I'm going to give it a shot.

The story begins in present-time, with Lexi receiving an unexpected phone call from an old friend, Jack. It is very apparent that Jack broke Lexi's heart and that there are some unresolved feelings lingering. Clearly, the two had an intense histor Wow! Clearly, the two had an intense history and Lexi never recovered from whatever Jack did to her. Almost immediately, I wanted to strangle Jack. I didn't know who this guy was exactly at this point in the story, but I couldn't believe his audacity.

With the obvious heartache that Lexi was still harboring, he calls and asks her to convince his new girlfriend that he is capable of commitment. Say what?

I was like, "This guy has some damn nerve! She agrees to do this "favor" for her old "friend".

I knew that it would play out that way, but I was still like "Oh, hell no! After all, the story had to go somewhere. As I'm sure you can guess, Lexi and Jack together results in a flood of sexual tension and unresolved issues. It is so obvious that neither one has ever really gotten over the other one. You know that you're in for a lot of drama and angst. The girlfriend, not surprisingly, ends up being a royal bitch. I loathed Bekah.

Honestly, if she weren't so despicable, I might have felt bad for her. After all, she loved Jack and he was messing around with Lexi all the time.

The fact that Bekah was such a horrible person really made it easy to overlook Jack and Lexi's indiscretions Her eyes were glued on our younger sister, who was at the center of the dance party. I followed her gaze and saw Miranda storming across the room with Landon on her tail.

Pretty common occurrence honestly. That was what their relationship always fucking looked like. I still did not understand how that idiot had ended up with her. But, for a while now, Morgan and I had been on Operation Miranda, which consisted of seeing how far we could push Landon into divorcing her. She could be anywhere. I just needed to find her. I raised an eyebrow in question. Girls are not a challenge. Her body was turned, facing the exit. She had an empty glass of champagne in her hand, and fuck, did she look gorgeous.

A tightly fitted dress showed off every single curve on her body. Her hair was tugged off to one side, and I almost licked my lips at the thought of kissing down her throat. I picked up a tray of champagne on the way over to meet the brunette.

I was glad that she was standing with two of my employees so I had an easy in for the conversation. I personally welcomed every employee and made sure they knew their value. No one was going to work at my company and not feel appreciated. I knew how I had gotten to where I was. I never planned to take it for granted. I offered the tray to the group of women standing with the brunette. She took a glass herself.

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She exchanged her empty glass with one from the tray. A waiter immediately snaked over and removed the tray from my hands. Okay, different tactic. Who is your friend? She glanced up from her champagne. Her eyes were wide open and as vivid green as I had ever seen.

Her mouth opened slightly, and that vision was more intoxicating than my whiskey. She seemed particularly affronted that I was asking about her. I definitely would have remembered. She took a long sip of her champagne, as if she were looking for liquid courage. Em shot her a withering stare. She downed the rest of the champagne in one quick drink and then winced.

But, when she turned back to face me, she did have a half-smile on her face. And she seemed to be looking everywhere but at me. She chanced one look at me, and a blush crept into her cheeks. Something about that only made me want to try harder.

Why is she so closed off? She retrieved another glass of champagne, but I stopped her before letting her walk back to her friends. I was not relinquishing this opportunity.

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Her eyes widened as she looked up at me. And, fuck, that face. Those intense green eyes and bright red lips. The way her dark hair tumbled over her features, as if it were used to being unruly and was having trouble with staying tamed. Just like her. Something in her expression, in those sharp cheekbones and angled jawline, said she was wild and reckless. No amount of makeup and pretty clothes could remove the girl underneath.

Her eyes darted to my mouth, as if she were distracted. Then, she sighed this short breathy thing that went straight to my dick. She slowly shook her head and then glanced away from me, as if she needed a breather. I was going to have to make her say it over and over again. I thought my intentions were perfectly clear now that we were standing together. So very close together. But, as I stared down at her, we were mere inches apart. I could feel the heat of her body, and it was turning my brain fuzzy.

Her body was saying something else entirely. I could think of only one explanation. Of course not. But her refusal made no sense with the way her body was responding to me. Both girls were frantically waving their hands, trying to figure out what had happened. And that was exactly what I wanted to know. Six Jensen I had just struck out. Majorly struck out. But even women I had been mildly interested in were eager to get to know me.

Yet Em seemed unfazed. She wanted me. I could tell that from looking into her bright green eyes. She definitely wanted me. And I had no idea why. What could she know about the Wright family that would cause this reaction? Sure, we had more baggage than most families, but nothing that made sense in this situation. Well… okay, that was a lie. There were plenty of reasons for her to stay away from me. My reputation with women, for one. And my ex-wife, for another.

Her reaction flabbergasted me. She had actually walked away and not looked back. Not that it mattered. First time for everything. But it only made me want her more. I wanted to go back over there, pull her aside, and kiss the breath out of her. I wished that I knew where it had all gone wrong.

Seriously, what the fuck? I poured myself another glass as I contemplated my next move. Nothing popped into my head. I had no clue how I could know her. And, now, I wanted to get to know her. It was an interesting woman who could turn me down…no matter how egotistical that made me. Just a healthy dose of self-confidence. Morgan stumbled over to me a few minutes later as I was contemplating the dilemma.

I glared at her and poured another glass. I was going to need that. She glanced back over to where she had abandoned Landon. I took another sip of my drink. They each grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out to the dance floor. She shook her head, but they gave her pleading looks and started dancing to the hip-hop music that Sutton had requested for the night.

It was as if she thought we were in a club or something, not a wedding. Heidi was dancing all over Em while Em just stood there. She was saying something to Heidi and Julia, but they ignored her. And, after a few minutes, Em relaxed, and they were all dancing like they were having the time of their lives. Or they had just had an exorbitant amount of alcohol.

Either way, I loved watching her move. Once she got into it, it was intoxicating. The way her hips slid from side to side. The way she tilted her head back and laughed unabashedly with her friends. The way she lifted her arms over her head and sank low and then came back up to her full height. The way she tossed her hair and swung her hips in mouthwatering circles.

It was hypnotic. I stood there for two dances before she finally dared to glance over at me. Her eyes lit up when she saw that I was watching, and then she blushed furiously. She turned away from my look, but a minute later, she was back to staring at me. She was giving me a come-hither look, and it was killing me not to go over there and move with her on the dance floor.

I was dying for her to ask. Not just with her body, but also with her eyes and her smile and her mouth. She turned back to her friends, but her eyes kept coming back to mine. Over and over again. It was as if we were the only two people in the room.

Everything else tumbled away, and she was dancing just for me. Yes, I was watching.

Avoiding commitment ka linde tuebl books

Yes, she wanted me to. She wet her lips and then did a little dance next to her friends. My dick pulsed as I thought about all the things I could do with those hips and all the promises I would keep with those lips.

I had to straighten myself out, because thinking about fucking her while watching her dance was making my dick respond all too temptingly. I adjusted my pants and then finished my whiskey.

She slanted her eyes back to mine and then discreetly tilted her head to the left. I sighed. She spoke hurriedly to her friends on the dance floor and then pointed toward the restroom. They said something back to her, but I could see the secret smiles on their faces.

They knew where she was going and what she was doing. Em meandered away from the dance floor. She glanced over her shoulder only once to see if I was following, and I was. When she realized I had interpreted her gesture, she smiled and then tried to smother it. We meandered into the darkness, past the restroom, far enough away from the crowds. When she turned back to face me, her cheeks were pink from dancing and being here in this moment. Why were you watching me?

Her back pressed up against the exposed brick wall. Her eyes were open and raw, showing me all the thoughts roaming through her head. Her hand ran down the front of my suit, and I leaned into her.

What exactly do you want? Tension and desire mingled in the space between us. I could move in and take her lips with my own.

I wanted to. I wanted her to offer. Like she had offered to come back here with me. I liked her blunt honesty a lot more when it was directed toward me positively rather than negatively. She practically glowed at my laugh, and her eyes darted down to my lips. Our lips touched, and the world ceased. I ran my hands around her waist and pulled her flush against my body.

My tongue licked along her lips, begging for entrance. She opened up to me at once, and our tongues met as we flat-out made out in the back of the building.

And she was a fucking amazing kisser. I could do this all day. Even though my dick was telling me to move faster, my brain was saying that this was incredible. Her body against mine. Her lips on mine. Her heartbeat ratcheting up to meet mine in tempo. It was a life-shifting kiss. One of those that came only once in a lifetime. This one was everything. It could have been hours or days. My brain could not function beyond that moment.

But, eventually, she was pulling away, stepping back, shaking her head. And I had no idea what any of those motions meant. She touched her lips. They were swollen and red. But she slipped through my fingers and disappeared into the night. I tried to follow after her, but one minute, she was there, and the next minute, she was gone. My own fucking Cinderella. Seven Jensen My head pounded the next morning as my phone blared on the nightstand. I grabbed it and pressed Accept without looking at who it was.

Fuck, how much had I had to drink last night? I got the paperwork in that you need to look over, and you told me to contact you as soon as it arrived. I listened for a few minutes more as Margaret continued to discuss the paperwork. I stumbled into the bathroom and downed a pair of Tylenol. We have another day to wait. I hung up and then looked at myself in the mirror. With a wince, I hopped into a scalding hot shower to try not to think about Em any longer. Patrick, Austin, Morgan, and I had finished another bottle of whiskey while I was thinking.

By the time I completed my daily routine, I felt like a new man. Still a fucking confused man, but more like myself at least. I checked the time as I changed into a pair of jeans and a button-up. It was still early.

I could probably still get in at least an hour of work before I needed to meet everyone for church—Sunday morning tradition for as long as I could remember. With the added time on my schedule, my office beckoned. I walked into the first-floor office and took a seat at my mahogany desk.

The sun was just rising through the giant floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the swimming pool that was closed for the season. I booted up my iMac and drowned myself in legalese that I would have to go over again with my lawyer.

My eyes felt like sandpaper, and my throat was raw from all the alcohol and the sleepless night. I thought my body would at least be used to not getting any sleep. Insomnia usually did that to someone.

It was one of the reasons the company was flourishing. If you never had to sleep, then you could do double the amount of work.

Avoiding Commitment

Just got bogged down in work. He entered the office and crashed back into one of the leather seats in front of the desk. Someone has to run the company. Not everyone gets to play golf on the weekends. Not just the weekends. Better anyway. People can have a professional golf career forever.

I sighed heavily. Something was going on with him and Miranda. Their relationship was looking all too familiar. He knew better than this. You remember her?

You know, my high school girlfriend. How fucked up is that?

I shook my head. Em—my mysterious Em, my fucking Cinderella—was Emery Robinson. Of course, she would recognize me. No wonder she had ran away from me. And I knew Landon too well to drop that on him. I remember her…only vaguely. I remembered the taste of her lips and the feel of her skin and the way she kissed very well.

Everything else that came to mind about Emery was like a bridge over water on a foggy night. I guess Heidi invited her. I married Miranda. Emery looked hot as fuck. Whatever she had looked like and acted like in high school, she was a woman now. One I would very much like to get intimately acquainted with.

Too bad I would probably never see or talk to her again. Even if I had done more than make out with Emery, it would have just been a hot-asfuck one-night stand. At that exact moment, the front door crashed open. Landon sighed heavily and seemed to retreat into himself at the very thought of the person at the door. We have to get on the road!

I held my hand out to my brother. Landon clasped it tight. Tell me Miranda makes you happy. Her heels clomped across the hardwood floor, drawing ever nearer, like a dragon ready to breathe flames.

Miranda stomped into the room. We hugged, and then he hurried down the hall toward his tyrant wife. One day, I would figure out the disaster that Miranda had created in our family but not today. Today, I had to go to church. Small and squat with red clay bricks and dark roofing.

Like everything in Lubbock, it had a monstrous fence for the entire backyard. A tree her mother had planted when she moved in towered over the property.

The house was in one of those timeless parts of town. Nothing had changed, not even the people. She mashed the old, smashed-in doorbell, and I could hear it hollering through the house, announcing our presence. She was gorgeous. Even at her age, she was still a knockout. My mother had never paddled me in my life. Believe it or not, Kimber was the troublemaker. The three of us wandered into the living room, and my mother closed the door behind us. At least some of those were new, the pictures with Noah and Lilyanne as additions.

But not a trace of my father. He had been swept clean out of the house since he walked out on my mom when I was a kid. Only a forgotten old military medal and a box of photographs in the attic crawl space remained. We all took seats around the living room, suffocating from our past.

My mother cackled with glee at my embarrassment. Light wrinkles crinkled around her eyes. Happy wrinkles. The ones I adored.I thought it was a waste of her talent, but she liked to be the only female in a male-dominated industry.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated - please email any bugs, problems, feature requests etc. This could not be happening. It was still early. My heart was shattered and ripped to pieces while my stomach was doing back flips. I want a book where it's going to take me on a wild ride emotionally and mentally making me feel and understand what the characters are going through. Interview with the Mistress Pt II

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