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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, often shortened to Dream Chronicles 5 or Both editions feature the main single-mode game, while the Collector's one also .. He gave the game 2 stars out of 5, and said: "After half an hour or so, you' ll. download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Collector's Edition [Download]: Read 9 Everything Else Reviews - rainbowgiraffe.info out of 5 stars. Pricing, The. download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water - Standard Edition [Download]: I have played all 5 Dream Chronicles and enjoyed all of them but wish the play was.

Dream Chronicles 5 The Book Of Water Collector Edition

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Continue the adventure right where the story left off in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. Lyra has made her way home, only to find the town of Wish cursed by . Dream Chronicles: The Book Of Water Collector's Edition Free 5. (OPTION) Install the update version if they have the future in the link below. Pick up the 13 DREAM PIECES circled in yellow. Read Tangle's Note (A). Collect the COLORED STONES.

Many features of the store will not be available to you. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water Collector's Edition.

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Add to Wishlist X. Continue the adventure right where the story left off in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. Lyra has made her way home, only to find the town of Wish cursed by an evil spell.

Find a way to break the terrible curse, and help Lyra save her family and hometown! This is a special Collector's Edition release of Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water, the most suspenseful chapter of the award-winning adventure series. Play as both Lyra and Faye as their journeys collide in their quest to save Wish, only available in the Collector's Edition! Go back inside the airship. Zoom into the map on right.

Pass your mouse over the area and the coordinates for the Crater of Time appear in the lower right corner M. The random coordinates for this example are: The coordinates will be different for everyone, check your game for the solution. Exit the map. Zoom into the Control Wheel N. Read the NOTE in the lower left. Click matching colored stones to eliminate them. You can click on one stone or multiple ones. The bigger the group you eliminate the faster the fuel will fill up.

Once the lever is full of fuel, exit that scene. Chapter 2: There are several numbers written in the snow. The sundial casts a shadow on the number VI.

Zoom into the bottom door.

Click on the smallest button marked in green to make the hand move and click on it again when the hand reaches 6. Go through the door. Click on the locked door. Go through left door. All gears must be touching in order for them to turn. There are several ways to solve this puzzle; the screenshots shows you one way.

This solution is for Casual Mode. This solution is for Challenge Mode. To decipher the message, click on the letter you want to use and click on the line in which you want to place it. Letters placed correctly will turn green; incorrect ones will turn red, remove them by clicking on them.

As you guess each word, it will fill a blank space on the right side of the page. Instructions will appear on the right after all the words have been deciphered. The Solution is: Dear guest, If you wish to speak with the Clockmaker, first you must: Synchronize the dimensions for communication by entering the right combination on the wall of this room.

The current page will be your reference for what is needed once you complete all the words. Reconstruct all the broken mechanisms bell, pipes, and speaker. Ring the bell. Exit the puzzle. Zoom into the back wall. Turn the disks to match the position shown in the Guest Book.

The gears will turn once the puzzle has been assembled correctly. Ring the bell D for a speaker and a periscope E to appear; click on them to begin speaking to the Clockmaker. Give the Clockmaker the correct answers to advance the storyline. The correct answers in order of appearance are: Yes, I need to get back to my own dimension.

Where are they? That sounds difficult but I will do my best.

Very well. I shall return. Exit on left and enter door on right. Use the Reveal Power to make the pieces appear. Place the pieces on the board; correct pieces will lock in place.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

The solution for the Casual Mode and the Challenge Mode are shown in the screenshots below. Clock Room The door to the Clock Room will open after the puzzle has been completed; go through it.

You must change the time on all the clocks so they are all synchronized to 6: Use the dials on the left F to turn the clock hands a certain amount of hours. Use the third dial H to switch from clock to clock. Once all the clocks are at 6: Go back to the Airship. Go to the map; use the Reveal Power to find the coordinates to your next destination — Treehouse Village.

Zoom into the Control Wheel. Place the heading and course bars according to the coordinates shown in your game. Zoom into the Fuel Generator and fill up the tank. Chapter 3: Click on the Transmute Power to turn the trees from gold to wood.

You will have to take a closer look at each of the trees to solve a puzzle. Place the sticks in positions in which they will lead the walnut to fall into the hole. Click on a stick to remove it from the board. Press the small button on the wooden tube in the upper center to drop the walnut onto the board.

Please look at the next set of screenshots for the solutions to all 4 puzzles. Please keep in mind that some of the sticks look very similar in shape and size. If the solution is not working for you try changing to a different stick with the same slant. Tree Puzzle 1 Zoom into tree 1 on left. Please look at the screenshot for the solution. Tree Puzzle 2 Zoom into tree 2 on left. Tree Puzzle 3 Zoom into tree 3 on left. In this solution the centipede will push the walnut into the hole as it passes through.

Tree Puzzle 4 Zoom into tree 4 on left. Go to the Airship. Go to the map; use the Reveal Power to find the coordinates to your next destination — Wind Music Island. Chapter 4: Zoom into the columns J in the upper right.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water

Each totem represents a musical note. The symbols on them represent the score for that particular instrument. Turn the stone disks until they show the correct image. Correct symbols will turn green. To solve the puzzle please rotate the disks in the order shown below until the symbol in that section turns green. The solution for Casual Mode and Challenge Mode will be the same.

The only difference is in the order in which you must turn the stones. Please check out our video solution for Casual Mode: Totem 1: Any Order Please check out our video solution for Challenge Mode: Faye mixes the potion, but Aeval sends her a warning through the plants that a potion to break a water spell can sometimes kill, not heal. Then Aeval guides her to board a boat to Barge City, and Faye is told to reforge three of seven figurines by using three lens hidden here.

Three figurines needed to be forged at the Nexus gateway, as Faye returns to the Herbalist to enter it. Faye forges three figurines, and they work well in the Crater of Time, but something does not seem right. Just as Faye has completed the third one, Lilith transports her to a strange, unknown Prison of Fire. On March 30, , almost a month before Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water was released, the publisher PlayFirst 's blog, Inside PlayFirst , uploaded a blog post including a video depicting the developer KatGames ' offices where Dream Chronicles series has been made.

The exclusive video tour was specially made for PlayFirst's Local Fan Day in which they invited fans to their office for the launch of Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. There is a lot of stuff in store for players in The Book of Water as it takes the story to a darker place where not any other Dream Chronicles game has ventured.

Game producer Aaron Norstad explained: Aaron compared that feature to other games: There are eight pictures including: The Toy Shop, and Lyra's House in the Town of Wish; the Herbalist's Garden; The crash shot outside of Wish at the beginning of the game; the Prison of Fire the last scene of the Collector's Edition's bonus game , and some other minor items from the game.

The Book of Water was first presented limitedly as a beta version on December 3, for the publisher PlayFirst 's beta players. The second beta version of this game was also leaked on January 18, On April 22, just two days before the game's scheduled release, the full game were leaked online.

Both editions feature the main single-mode game, while the Collector's one also includes a special bonus game in which players can play as Faye to find out what happened to the Town of Wish before Lyra's story starts, three extra locations, several mini-puzzles, eight wallpapers , and a detailed walkthrough from the developer. The game itself was moderately successful, and reached the top-ten of the charts in most major casual game charts, but failed to attain the top position in any of them.

It only reached the top of the iWin. On August 31, , a high-definition version of this game was available via App Store for iPad device, [3] and the latest version was updated on November 27, Like the fourth game, it has been received mixed reviews from casual game critics.

Positive reviews described the game as "a pure point-and-click adventure experience of the old Myst school of gameplay, with some minor hidden object elements mixed in," [5] while negative reviews criticized it heavily for "[having] let the [ Dream Chronicles ] franchise down" and being "short, dull and uninteresting and its terrible ending is bound to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The first and the only positive review came from Grinnyp, an editor of Jay Is Games , in which she opened her review by stating: Grinnyp concluded her review, and further declared: The Book of Water is a worthy successor to those games that have come before, while setting the stage for the hopefully big wrap-up that is to come.

Meanwhile, Neilie Johnson spent most time in his The Book of Water review to explain the reason why Dream Chronicles series had "evolved into one of the most successful casual game franchises in existence and no wonder. Too familiar, and for very good reason. This is not the game of your dreams. Adventure Gamers continued their negative streak at Dream Chronicles series by gave The Book of Water 2 stars out of 5.

The main critical consensus is: After all, they verdict: Furthermore, due to that early cancellation, the game's development time was cut short to fit PlayFirst's game schedule. KatGames had to reuse several previous games' scenes, background music, and sound effects.

The animation was not designed in 3D as KatGames did in previous games.

Some puzzles were also cut short and lacked difficulty towards the end; and even the same voice-over was used for both Lyra and Faye; thus overall making The Book of Water felt unfinished and simplistic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. April 24, Smith Casual Charts. Retrieved The Book of Water Detail". The Book of Water is here!

Walkthrough Menu

Archived from the original on Jay Is Games.Railroad Mayhem. Download game for Windows. It is more of a quest-like adventure than a traditional hidden object game , a mixing of adventure and puzzle game.

Unfortunately, the game is still too short but if you do not skip any mini-games you will enjoy some very good casual gameplay. Mystery Trackers: The Book of Water was first presented limitedly as a beta version on December 3, Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel to decipher the words.

The correct word will appear at the bottom of the screen. The Book of Air

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