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What makes a great ebook landing page? Learn from these 20 ebook landing page critiques and start generating more leads from your pages. Ok, I'm going to share 10 page templates you can use in your ebook to break up the flow of text. Ebooks have multiple digital "pages" that people can navigate through, and are often packaged as a PDF document so they can easily be sent.

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Learn how to better design your ebook landing page so you can generate more leads and nurture them to sale. eBook landing page designs are available on third-party marketplaces like Envato Elements. Envato Elements is a popular marketplace with an. GetFreeEBooks is a free ebooks site where you can download free books totally free. All the ebooks within the site are legal downloadable free.

They want to have a conversation with you. They want to feel something. Speak to them through writing as you would a friend. Use your words to paint a picture in their mind of a better life, achievable with the help of your ebook.

After your visitors read your ebook, how will their lives be improved? How will your content transform them? Let them know by stressing the benefits of your offer over its features. Make one word do the work of two. They want to determine the value of your offer, and quickly.

When constructed the right way, a visual hierarchy is what will allow visitors to skim your content without missing all the biggest takeaways.

Take a look at this DigitalMarketer landing page : What do you notice? This is the kind of visual hierarchy you want to form on your own page. Start with a big, bold, benefit-oriented headline and subheadline combination. This is the button your visitors are going to press to claim your ebook.

Probably not. Portrait Mode: There are hundreds of great themes out there that make it easy to dress your ebook up.

The applications mentioned above all have built in themes you can apply in the click of a button. Again, this is a place where iBooks Author really shines. A theme makes so many difficult decisions for you, giving you a handful of page templates, colors, fonts, etc.

How to Create an Ebook Landing Page That Generates Leads

The downside of using a theme is, of course, you may not look as unique. Someone else may use the same theme, the theme may not look exactly the way you want it, etc.

However , themes make it easy to get your book out the door and into the world. Can you do like Darlene and just get your first ebook out the door and into the world and working for you? Using a theme gives you the advantage of speed and ease. Remember, as we say all the time on our small business podcast: Using a theme helps you do that without all the fiddling.

4. Grossman Group

And a theme helps you get it out and get some feedback. For the rest of you gluttons for punishment: We model our colors on other works, be they in the real world houses, buildings, nature or printed world book covers, posters, etc.

One of the harder things about colors is picking colors that feel right together. So, let some excellent designers put groups of colors together for you and find palettes at ColourLovers. Model your color choices on what other designers are doing. Use ColourLovers. I love them. Model your font choices on what other designers are doing. Besides, even Shakespeare and Malcolm Gladwell could use some excellent callouts, images and large quotes, right?

Why You Should Be Using eBooks For Your Business

Remember what your ebook is supposed to do. Really, fundamentally, your job is to keep the reader interested and engaged. Breaking up that flow of non-stop body text is an essential part of that, making your book fun, intriguing and delightful.

Expand your line height. You can make those little lines of text easier to tumble through by expanding the line height.

Line height is how short or tall the space is between lines of text in a paragraph. Let it breathe.

I normally set that something close to the golden ratio: Some fonts are quite tall and need more line height. Others are quite squat and need less. Move things around and see how they feel.

You have business goals with this ebook. What are those actions you want them to take? What are the things you want your reader to do? Have you identified them? Can you cull them down to just a couple and really focus your book to get them into one of those next actions?

These calls to action need to be designed things, they need to be thoughtfully prepared — what sequence they come in, what form they take, etc.


Some specific ways to do this are called out in the page templates below, but these are a few more ways to add CTAs that will help make your ebook feel more interesting. Callout tweetable quotes and stats in a block like this to encourage sharing.

Again, download a handful of ebooks and see how others are doing these kinds of things. I hesitated to put this one in. People love quotes. Quotes feel like statistics in some ways.

They feel hard, sturdy, more like data points than opinions. I believe Winston S. Churchill said it best:. And focus is a secret weapon. Tell me what you know.

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You should be able to get an idea or two of how you can do a similar thing just by looking at each. Cover pages are hard. This is a perfect time for you to find a few covers out there you really like, pick one and model your cover after that one. Make it your own, but put it together similarly.

Use these ebook landing page templates to build a high-converting home that drives sales or collects leads for your new digital publication.

This consulting service is perfect for lead generation. Choose a resource that you can offer your potential leads and start collecting info!

Capture leads and trigger downloads for any ebook or digital publication. Perfect for any book, ecourse, ebook or whitepaper. This tantalizing theme is perfect for familiarizing your audience with any type of food service offering. Something delicious is coming! Use this template to capture emails and create excitement for a new business.

A smart, detailed theme that gives visitors everything they need to know about your ebook, ecourse or digital publication.Some of our quote pages from the very visual top 10 mistakes guide. Start Your Day Free Trial.

You have business goals with this ebook. Lead Generation. Make your privacy policy visible. Expand your line height. Utilizing templates is a great way to make InDesign an accessible tool. I normally set that something close to the golden ratio:

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