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The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo, yet. This contains the full episode list of the Japanese anime series Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli. Episode list[edit]. #, Title, Air Date. 1, "Mowgli Comes into the. Latest 3D animation series full HD episode of The Jungle Book featuring Mowgli and Shere Khan (tiger) as two lead characters. The Jungle.

Mowgli Jungle Book All Episodes

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The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo, yet. Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is a Canadian-Japanese anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original collection of stories, The Jungle Book. It aired in , and consists of a total of 52 episodes. . Mowgli isn't sure whether he can trust him at first because of all the stories and reputation about humans, and their history with. The adventures of Mowgli, an orphan boy raised by wolves, and his friends in the Watch Now. With Prime Video. ALL .. Shere Khan 37 episodes,

Demoralized by the difficulties he encounters while trying to find a replacement, the boy returns to his memories of the good old days when his father had taught him some basic hunting skills. Akru and Sura are inexplicably thrown out of their home by their mother; during the hunt, Akela insists on choosing the most difficult prey, and when Mowgli is injured, Tabaqui, the hyena, tries to kill him.

However, things become easier for Mowgli to accept after Baloo and Bagheera explain the reasoning behind the tough law of the jungle.

Why Jungle Book (Hindi) is such a big hit.

The panda becomes easy prey for the monkeys who use him as a bait to snare Mowgli. After a tumultuous turn of events, the boy and the young panda renew their friendship and, together, manage to get the better of the terrible Shere Khan. Shere Khan climbs out of the water and angrily vows revenge.

When Mowgli refuses to learn his lesson, the bear loses his patience and slaps the boy with his paw. Mowgli gets angry and runs away.

Deeply resentful, Mowgli then does exactly the opposite of what he has been taught, and, as Baloo has feared, falls into terrible bear trap. While he struggles to free himself, a giant crocodile lumbers out of the river and heads in his direction. Luckily, Baloo shows up in time and engages the fearsome reptile in a fight to the death. Mowgli is carried to safety by Baghera, but the boy is distraught because he realizes that a friend has died in order to rescue him.

But, as it happens, a happy ending is destined when Kaa discovers Baloo hiding down by the river and tells Mowgli, affording him the opportunity to make up with the bear. Because the young wolf has committed a serious crime, his companions are not allowed to help him, and he is banished from the pack. He proceeds to save Mowgli from an oncoming buffalo such that Mowgli accepts the newcomer unconditionally, but Bagheera is suspicious of him.

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One night while the pack is out hunting, its precious reserves of food are looted. However, they are then defended by Bagheera who blames the thievery on an evil spirit that appears during times of famine. Soon afterward, Fargas is caught stealing red-handed, but manages to get the pack to pardon him by claiming that he acted under the influence of the evil spirit.

The boy carries out the mission successfully, even if he might have been less fortunate without the help of Bagheera.

However, Sandah does not like the idea because he resents the presence of Mowgli, a perceived member of the cruel human race that kills for the pleasure of killing.

The boy is brought face to face with Shere Khan, and is about to meet the end of his life when Bagheera and Baloo come to the rescue. Fortunately for both the rescuers and the rescued, Vermillion and Sandah show up as well, determined to defy the curse of the ruined city. The battle then ends as some men invade "The Cold Lair". Hampered by the presence of the monkeys, the men kill several of them before Sandah comes to their rescue and is badly injured.

Mowgli and Bagheera then risk their lives to save Sandah, and end up swooned, though the other animals take them for dead. Meanwhile, after finding the treasure, the three men kill each other, leaving the way clear for Mowgli and the panther to join their friends. It is revealed to the boy that he is indeed a member of the human race. The younger wolves blame Mowgli for the departure of their potential new leader, Vermillion, and they treat the boy badly. Then, Sura is badly injured in a fight that breaks out during an argument over Mowgli.

Mowgli is so unhappy that he decides to leave the pack. Bagheera and Luri try to talk him out of it, but nothing they say can convince him to stay. At this point Baloo and Bagheera compare notes and go to Chil for help.

The eagle agrees to watch over Mowgli and immediately sets out to locate and meet him. He begins to feel homesick for the den, but his determination to continue his journey is omnipresent. The nights are very scary, but during the day he has the opportunity to exchange a few words with new friends he meets along the way. Mowgli then falls into a trap dug in the ground, but is saved by a man named Rahhar who takes him to his hut and treats his injured ankle.

Chil loses all trace of the boy while he is in the hut, and becomes seriously concerned for his safety. They then arrive on the scene just in time to save the boy and his newfound friend from the red dogs. His new experiences have made him grow up so much that his mother decides that the time has arrived for him to leave the den. Reassured by the affection of his closest friends, Mowgli faces a new stage in his life by becoming a person in his own right. Hathi the elephant invokes the "water truce" which had always been in place around the river in order to allow the animals to slake their thirst.

Only Shere Khan refuses to recognize the truce, prompting Mowgli to challenge him to a duel.


He explains how, in so doing, Tha condemned all the inhabitants of the jungle to be hunted by humans. Thus men and tigers were together greatly responsible for the end of peace in the jungle. This gesture earns the boy the scorn of his companions, who accuse him of breaking the law of the jungle. A few days later, the stag forces Mowgli into a fight and the boy kills it.

However, after Sura, who has courted Lala in vain, saves her life, she sees him in a new light. Meanwhile, Chil sounds the alarm: Meanwhile, Grizzle continues his evil ways, and the wolves decide to resort to force. Shere Khan and Tabaqui take advantage of the situation, and attack the wolves' camp; even the monkeys start to make fun of Akela and his companions. Linda : An English girl who adopts a cub Bagheera and keeps as a pet.

Bagheera tells Mowgli a story about her through flashback sequences. She has a love for not just any animal, but him especially it seems. She also seems to have a grand understanding of animals through some connection. When her father attempts to shoot Bagheera, Linda shields the panther and tries to help him escape by setting him free. When her father confronts her and Bagheera again, Linda makes another attempt to protect him by shielding him and blocking the gunfire.

She literally takes the bullet, but her exact fate is unknown. Linda's Father : A game hunter who is determined to claim Bagheera as his prize and constantly stops at nothing to get him. But after several attempts, they're always thwarted by his daughter, who incessantly interferes with his goal, until she is hit by the gunshots.

Mowgli isn't sure whether he can trust him at first because of all the stories and reputation about humans, and their history with animals, but comes to accepting Bougi's offer to help when he heals him and gives him food. He turns out to be genuinely kind-hearted. Bougi is later slashed in the back by Shere Khan, defending Mowgli and Meshua from the tiger but eventually recovers and survives.

Bougi's name in the English adaptation is Rahhar. When the family first meet Mowgli, Mari mistakes Mowgli for her son, but despite the fact that it's not really him, she still treats him as if he were one of her own and he grows on her instantly. She comes to love Mowgli so much so that she desperately wishes and prefers that he not take on Shere Khan. Ironically, her name is changed to Meshua which was Jumeirah's original name in the Japanese variant for the English dub.

Like the other family members, he eats up Mowgli right away. When the family is kidnapped, Mowgli rescues them and helps them escape, one way of which is by saving them from the other villagers and he has his animal friends guide them to another town when the animals destroy the residents' homes.

Later, in the middle of their trek, Nil succumbs to pneumonia. Nil is renamed Sanjay in the English translation. Meshua : A girl to whom Mowgli takes a liking late in the series. Her grandfather originally found Mowgli when the boy was on his own from his wolf pack, saying the boy reminded him of his grandson.

Though Mowgli chooses to remain in the jungle at this time, he does meet his human friend later, along with Meshua. Meshua's family later adopt Mowgli into their family as their new son, since their other son had died. Her name is Jumeirah in the English version. Chil : A falcon who served as the messenger for Akela's pack and Hati, the great elephant.

Sandah : A young male wolf from Vermillion's pack. He is blue-black in colour. Sandah hates the humans after they killed his sister, and resents Mowgli for being a human. He eventually comes to terms with him, and even though he leaves with Vermillion and his pack, he and Mowgli appear to share a close camaraderie. Sandah seems to be a lieutenant, or beta wolf, to Vermillion. Grizzle : A wolf with beige or grey, even lavender-grey in some scenes fur and a dark brown blotch around his left eye, a baddie and former member of Akela's pack.

He has the distinction of being the only wolf in the series with any markings on his face and is also missing his left ear or most of his left ear.

He got kicked out years ago for not abiding by the law of the jungle, which has since made him bitter as a result, and turned to the dark side after meeting Shere Khan, who put him up to getting revenge for his banishment. Grizzle was the leader of a gang and accompanied by three other lupines, who were also his henchmen.

Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli

Later, after a battle with Mowgli's friends and some of the other wolves, Grizzle is slain by Mowgli, who stabs him in the jugular with a stone-knife. Bunto is Grizzle's name in the German version, but it's uncertain whether that's his original name in the Japanese version also. Mowgli first encounters a few when they enter Rahhar's campsite where he is.

They drive them off by making noise via banging on pots and pans. Later, Mowgli gets rid of a larger number of them driven into the jungle by drought by luring them to a beehive and they're chased off by the swarm of bees.

To escape them, they jump into a river, then when they swim their way out of it, they're mauled to death by the wolves. Sargah : A grey and white or dark blue and light blue in some scenes, the lighter shade of fur ranging from his muzzle to his belly wolf and one of Grizzle's henchmen.

He aspires and hopes to become the next, and new, leader of the gang after Grizzle someday. He, Grizzle and the other two, gang wolves conspire and want to overthrow Akela so that they can take over the pack. Sargah is always effortlessly impressed and very gullible so it doesn't take much to convince him of something, and because of this, he isn't the brightest to catch on to what's really up right away.

As a result, Grizzle takes advantage of this and just strings him along like a marionette. Sargah and the other lupines in the gang often squabble with one another. Kim : A dark grey and beige wolf, and Sargah's son. This is part of Luri's plan to get Grizzle and his gang into a battle.

Kim is too busy being head over heals captivated by and infatuated with Lala, and because of this he lets that cloud his better judgment. Kim then informs his father and the other gang wolves, and Sargah sees Lala about this as he receives the same info from her.

He is Mowgli's best friend. Unlike his counterpart in the Disney film, Bagheera is not as wise or strict as in the book. Most animals in the jungle never dare to step in the way of the panther. He often fights Shere Khan to save Mow. Baloo voiced by Jimmy Hibbert - A brown bear.

Mowgli the Artist

In the series, he is bipedal, wears glasses and he is Mowgli's mentor. Baloo likes to tell stories of the jungle. Kaa voiced by Joseph J. Terry - An Indian rock python.

Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo, yet moody and feared. Daruka voiced by Aaron Albertus - The adoptive father of Mowgli.

Although Mowgli usually lives with Baloo and Bagheera, he visits Daruka's family sometimes.

Raksha - The adoptive mother of Mowgli. Lali - The daughter of Daruka and Raksha. Bala - The son of Daruka and Raksha.Villains[ edit ] Shere Khan - A Bengal tiger who is the main antagonist of the series. Shere Kahn enlists Tabaqui's help to find the secret Elephant's Valley, where the females go to give birth. In , DQ Entertainment announced a 3D feature film based on the animated series which was released in After shedding his old skin, Kaa tells Mowgli about a curious habit of elephants, in which elephants from different jungles gather to dance together, and those who have the luck to see their dance are said to receive the gift of long life.

After straying away from Baloo's teaching, Mowgli encounters a giant nest of wild black bees.

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