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Tamiya On-Line Catalog ☆Tamiya R/C Systems ☆Batteries and Chargers ☆R /C Parts Matching List ☆R/C Manual Downloads ☆R/C Chassis. Catalog RC TAMIYA / tamiya, rc, cars, truck, auta, modely, katalog, catalogue. 1/24 PLASTIC KITSET 1/12 PLASTIC KITSET. 1/12 PLASTIC KITSET 1/32 PLASTIC KITSET. TAMIYA CATALOGUE T .

Tamiya Katalog 2015 Pdf

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for Italeri/Tamiya kit Horch Kfz. No.: Skoda type Staff Car. No.: Kabrio Kfz. 1/35 conversion set. 1/35 conversion set for Italeri kit for Italeri kit. Results 1 - 30 of 30 (minimum 3 letters in search). Read more about the DataBase here. Results 1 - 30 of TamiyaBase Catalog Database. Sort by Year. Dickie, Majorette, BIG, Smoby, Eichhorn, Noris, Schuco, Carson, Tamiya, Nicotoy. AquaPlay Prospekt Schuco_HW. Schuco New Rel. AW Katalog Dickie1. Dickie Smoby AW Majorette Carson.

J Aos, who is himself an encyclopedia, gave me all the necessary information to place it in Pakistan. Although it is common to find pictures of Chaffles of late production, the early ones were also seen, included in the last Pakistan's conflict with India. The kit, a typical Tamiya product of the time, represents the Silverstone race version most closely, so some modifications were necessary besides adding the correct decals from Studio Thanks to Tamiya we can have a model of it, both were the reasons why I decided to build it trying to get the most detailed model I could , taking advantage of the fact that as it was a mass production model, it would be possible for me to get a lot of references.

Not only I built and superdetailed the model, but also made a slightly and own customized version, a real Panigale, as I would like to have. The aim of this article, is to show with pictures and their comments the work accomplished as a guide and to give ideas of the details that can be added or showing in some cases how to do the different tasks.

As soon as I looked inside this beautiful kit, I could not hold my horse. I decided to build this kit straight from the box because I really wanted to see the completion as soon as possible. Also this time, I will update these pages while building the kit. So let's build this wonderful giant kit!!

And the main, is the way the vent grilles present in the front mudguards, the hood and especially on the front bumpers were represented; and the singular design of the front grille. I invite you to follow the images of this model construction, which was laborious, but with a worthwhile final result! This is the second in the series released in December after the Ferrari Enzo.

When I finally got my hands on it I started to think of a scene. Building the Pocher Lamborghini Huracan, step by step, painting guide and tips. They compete with Amalgam and other brands with less expectations but to fit any budget and if you have some experience as model builder, the result will be acceptable and even excellent. It was not until a few years ago that they started to produce their own full kits.

Having the experience and the means they wisely thought that they could include all those nice resin and photoetched sets they know how to do so well in the boxes so we do not need to go any further to complete the model with a delicate finish. MFH recently increased the price significantly but after inspecting the content of the kit I think the kit is definitely worth the money.

With the kit you can build the Monza version. This tutorial aims at sharing with the reader my experience in the construction of this radio controlled model, and even will be useful for those who build it as a static model, since the reviews say much about the kit but little about the problems I found. I wanted a small truck with a very weathered paint and even looking ruined by rust, and a twin wheels axle.

Achieving a weathered paint would not be a problem but the rear axle of the Moebius kit is of single wheel, so I would have to search for good references and the material to represent the twin wheels axle.

The aim of this brief article is to share the work accomplished. Several years ago I built a Protar T2, but as the result didn't satisfy me, I sold it. After studying the kit very carefully, I understood that this was not possible, at least for me.

Some months ago I had the opportunity of downloading several Tamiyas T, for different projects I had planned and as I had still one left, I decided to use the T as base and some parts of T2 that I could not make, adding other necessary details. I anticipate you the end, to arrive to what I wanted, the Protar and Tamiya's parts used needed several changes.

In the following note I explain you, which were the involved modifications and how I made them.

Building the German T Pz. At times, the vehicles were sent to the workshops where the typical accessories of the German tanks such as Notek lights, German radios, lateral boxes for equipment and so, were added. The aim of this note is to share the work especially about painting, over a conversion of the old Tamiya kit.

As this is one of the F1s I like best, I decided to build it adding the superb Top Studio detail set TS in the text that includes resin and PE parts what makes novices to modelling feel fear. This article is to share my work with the hope that those who are less experienced than me, can build this model with some extra help.

Some months ago a local importer started offering them and I had the opportunity to see them with my own in live. But with my trained eye, after having read so many magazines and seen models, told me that both of them had a lot of potential to meet my expectations.

It was then when this fabulous Academy kit that was the best fighter aircraft manufactured up to the moment appeared. Though I was very satisfied with the result, I decided to use AK Interactive products for the to have a different experience.

I invite you to follow this Porsche model build where I only made two changes in the body to get the result you see here. The decals supplied with the kit for the Spanish version are not enough, so I had to get the decals of the Marine Corps from FC Modeltips. There is no variation regarding to details, even plastic is the same color. There are no improvements and the same limited number of parts, what obliged me to work a lot to improve the model interior and exterior.

It was developed to replace the BMP An abandoned truck. But this time was a bit different as I already had in mind an idea of what to do with the kit, I had seen many pictures of long time abandoned trucks like this one heavily rusted in the middle of nowhere and I liked much that scenery.

So when the model got home I put aside other projects I had running and I started with it immediately. So I will concentrate in telling how I built and painted the model.

Building the Dragon Pz. I Ausf. The fit parts are excellent and instructions are clear.

Looking at the body carefully and comparing with several photos, it was obvious that I had to make sure about certain points. So, I want to begin this note with three concepts which are: 1 this is a very complex kit I will say why later , 2 objectives, and 3 planning.

Small diameter tires lower the center of gravity and help your car corner better. Large Diameter: Good for top speed and suitable for long straights. Better shock absorption for bumpy course joints. Difference in Width Wide Tires: Provide stability during cornering. Good for technical courses with banking curves and ups and downs.

Narrow Tires: Good for long straights. Less drag on the motor, which may give the advantage of longer run times.

Details and photos of Tamiya Catalog Scale Model Edition

Use a small ratio for high speed courses and a bigger one for technical courses with many curves. Set up the gears according to the track you are racing on. Difference in Material Rubber: Weighs more than the sponge type, but grips better. Useful for jumps and lower center of gravity. Sponge: Weighs less than rubber type, but has a lower grip characteristic. Reston: Lighter than the regular sponge type and has better gripping.

Can be used on all kinds of wheels. Tire Maintenance Use transparent tape to clean your sponge tires. Clean rubber tires with an eraser and remove the eraser pieces with tape. Wheels Wheels, as well as tires, play an important role in tuning up your car.

There are various types with different diameters and structures. Select the right one for your application. Most types can be used on any Mini 4WD; however, if you have a Fully Cowled Mini 4WD, body modification will be required if you use anything other than the standard, small-diameter type wheels.

A lot of designs are available. Pick one that appeals to you. Normal Wheel vs. One Way Wheel Normal: The speed of the wheels on both sides of a car is the same. This is good for the straights; however, the outer wheel tends to be dragged during cornering and this may slow your car down. This is an all-new kit with nothing at all in common with the earlier Italeri re-box. I wanted to depict this vehicle as being in service later in the war, so I assumed that the early-war grey would have been oversprayed at some stage.

I settled on a very heavy but still uneven coat of Dark Yellow. This small German wartime illustration was my inspiration for the project.

This model could easily be built in under a day. I built the truck itself straight from the box.

The only deviations I made were to pose the rear cargo tray flap horizontal to the tray, cut the hoops for the cover off the sides and front of the cargo tray, and to leave the wheels off until painting was complete.

A few minutes was spent ageing the leather bench seat with airbrushed shading, an oil wash and subtle dry brushing. Interior details such as the steering wheel and the shift knobs were painted black before the cab was sealed too.

The clear parts were masked with Tamiya tape prior to installation. However, I wanted to depict a vehicle in service later in the war — around I thought that by that stage, the dark Panzer Grey paint job would have been oversprayed with a more appropriate camouflage.


A heavy squiggle of Dark Yellow — almost solid in places - was therefore applied over the top of the German Grey base colour. The tyres were brush-painted using Vallejo acrylics. Although it suffers from a number of dimensional and detail accuracy problems, it was a pleasure to build. After finishing this Gustav, I had also received a review sample of the Eduard scale Royal Class Bf G release, which supplies enough parts to build two complete models as Bf G-2, G-4, G-6 or G variants.

Considering this project would require the model to be chopped up, the Eduard kit offered some helpful attributes, including the engineering of the wing roots and wheel wells, and the availability of an after-market resin engine bay, which I also had in my model stash.

Slicing and dicing the kit would also make it almost impossible to see its well-publicised dimensional problems, but would be an excellent showcase for its class-leading surface textures and high level of detail. The wing root fairing was first carved off with a new hobby blade… The forward section of each fuselage half was cut off with a razor saw and a hobby knife.

The vertical fin was removed, although the demarcation is speculative! Panzer Grey paint job would have been oversprayed with a more appropriate A heavy squiggle of Dark Yellow — almost solid in places - was therefore applied over the top of the German Grey base colour. The tyres were brush-painted using Vallejo At this stage, the model received an Weathering comprised a SIN Industries Brown Filter, chipping with a sponge and dark brown acrylic paint, and Maru Easy With the truck complete, I had to make some Messerschmitt Bf G-6 when it was first released early in It is the ICM-Kit, but with new parts.

Having the experience and the means they wisely thought that they could include all those nice resin and photoetched sets they know how to do so well in the boxes so we do not need to go any further to complete the model with a delicate finish.

More testing and more development work will have to be done before the new model is available for release, but I think it is fair to say that the bigger the model, the longer the development period. Less drag on the motor, which may give the advantage of longer run times.

Customer Reviews

Tamiya not only releases models but also produces various publications. The body was then varnished with 2-component DS Colors. Deprived of my first options, I searched Google for alternatives. Use a small ratio for high speed courses and a bigger one for technical courses with many curves.

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