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Trump University Marketing How to Use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to Get More Customers and Keep Them, Second Edition. Trump University Marketing How to Use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to Get More Customers [Don Sexton] on rainbowgiraffe.info *FREE* shipping on. Sexton PDF. CLICK to Download. Trump University Marketing · Marketing provides an up-to-date explanation of the best ideas and most effective.

Trump University Marketing 101 Pdf

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Trump University Real Estate Building Wealth with Real Estate Investments,. Second Edition. Trump University Marketing How to Use the Most. Trump University books are practical, straightforward primers on the basics of doing business the Trump In Trump University Real Estate , Second Edition , you'll learn how to: Ireland. If you have a Marketing Code please enter it below. Trump University Marketing combines the biggest name in business with the year teaching experience of one of the most well-known marketing thinkers.

No matter what you sell or how you sell it -- whether you're running a small business or a major corporation, a for-profit or nonprofit organization this comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about effective, profitable branding. Each book is written by a leading expert in the field and includes an inspiring Foreword by Trump himself.

Key ideas throughout are illustrated by real-life examples from Trump and other senior executives in the Trump organization. Perfect for anyone who wants to get ahead in business, with or without the MBA, these streetwise books provide real-world business advice based on the one thing readers can't get in any business school--experience.

In Trump University Branding , you'll learn how to: Build a powerful brand that increases the sales and profits of any business Launch your entrepreneurial brand Manage the differences between service branding and product branding Develop a brand for your real estate investments Make your brand far more than just a name or logo Develop clear positioning and brand strategy Successfully communicate your brand Choose an appropriate brand name and logo Reinvigorate a struggling brand Use guerrilla branding for your small business Build your own personal brand for career development Keep your brand image consistent Grow your brand over time Use your brand to increase the overall value of your business show more Table of contents Downloading Forms.

Part I. Fundamentals of Branding. Chapter 1: Trump on Branding. Chapter 3: What Is a Brand? Not Just a Name. Chapter 4: Your Brand Positioning. Part II. Managing the Brand. Chapter 6: Developing a Brand Strategy for Anything. Chapter Building your Brand from the Very Start. Chapter New Lives for Old Brands.

Chapter When Things Go Wrong. Part III. ConclusionsYour target customers must know why they should download from you. Advertising is potentially one of your more important ways to communicatewith customers. However, advertising can be expensive.

Trump University Branding : How to Build the Most Valuable Asset of Any Business

For review questions for this chapter, log on to www. Brands are symbols and you must manage them carefully. That is what this chapter is about. These are the sameparts you have in your communications strategy, shown in Exhibit They establish awareness and knowledge inthe mind of your target customer. Other communications methods can beused to move your target customer to action. Packaging may be so appealing that it persuadesyour customer to take action immediately. MessageBrand image consists of the attributes associated with the brand.

They have decided that one of their target markets is households with twowage earners and no one free during the day.

Suppose that their superior performance levels oncleaning clothes, stain removal, and quick turnaround are already stronglyassociated with DES Cleaners Exhibit For customers in this particulartarget segment, convenient hours may have special appeal.

If the customers inthe target market do not associate DES Cleaners with convenient hours seeExhibit They should be designed and evaluated the same way you would view an advertisement. DHL, FedEx, and UPS, for example, use very distinctive color schemes for the uniforms of their employees—the same color schemes that are used in their delivery trucks.

For airlines and banks, for example, the envi- ronment may have a major impact on the service experience. The logo theychose consisted of the old logo tilted and the color blue added. They likelymade the right choice because their new logo is quite effective—preserving themeaning of the old logo while making a more powerful graphic statement. In addition, words that make sensein one language may be nonsense or unpronounceable in another language.

At the outset, you should simply list allpossibilities that occur to you. They may involve your name, the name of yourproduct or service, your location, customer needs, initials, objects—whatever youthink might work. Just write down all the names that you would like to consider.

The more the better. You can edit them during the next phase in the process. The target markets are certainly one of your relevant audiences. Again, if the name will be used inter-nationally, it is important that you repeat the testing in all the countrieswhere the product or service will be sold—certainly in the largest countrymarkets. Wall Lobby. Usedhere with permission.

For any other use, contact Don Sexton at Marketing thearrowgroup. That communication should be consistent with your positioning. In a world where customers swim in an ocean of advertising, promotiontools can be very effective in prompting customers to download. Usually,sales promotion can get you short-term results. The challenge of using salespromotion often is to convert those customers you convince to download now intolong-term customers.

For an overview of sales promotion, see Mullin and Cummins. Sales promotion can help give a brand character and distinctiveness. Sales promotion can sometimes break those habits and persuade the customer or reseller to try a new brand.

In many industries, the trade has substantial power. Sales promotion tech- niques are a way to gain the attention of resellers and obtain their cooperation. Sales promotions often have strong short-term effects on sales. These short-term effects can later be a problem if sales increases today are borrowed from sales tomorrow. Because customers or resellers participating in a promotion usually need to identify themselves, you can often track the impact of a promotion more easily than the impact of advertising.

Components of the Sales Promotion StrategyThe sales promotion strategy has components similar to that of the advertisingstrategy see Exhibit Promotion ObjectivesSales promotion objectives often concern actions—by the customer in thetarget market or by a reseller somewhere in the distribution chain betweenproducer and end-user. Trump and NBC Universal. In , they signed a two-year contract naming Cover Girl the cosme- tics sponsor for the three com- petitions.

The organizations agreed to cooperate in various ways, in- cluding:Cover Girl Amelia Vega Advertisement. When promotions are focused on actionobjectives, they often consist of an added inducement to stimulate thecustomer to download a product or service, or a reseller to stock it.

Forexample, a clothing manufacturer may offer two-for-one deals to consumersand advertising support to retailers. MessageThe message of your sales promotion should be consistent with your posi-tioning. A company selling power tools should offer premiums of interestto do-it-yourselfers, such as a tool box, just as a cosmetic company mightoffer a makeup bag.

Promotions can be used to reinforce your brand posi-tioning.

Bestselling Series

For example, shoe companies may sponsor basketball tournaments toshowcase the attributes of their products. The message of your sales promotion should be consistent with your positioning. In fact,if you are selling top-of-the-line products or services, you may choose not touse sales promotion at all because it may seem out of character. Media or MethodAn extraordinary variety of types of sales promotion methods exists seeExhibit Within those broad categories, the methods include incentives,allowances, discounts, selling aids, contests, premiums, samples, giveaways, andloyalty programs.

For more promotion suggestions, see Chapter Objectives of Consumer-Oriented Promotions Consumer-oriented promo-tions often focus on managing the transaction with the consumer or customerbut sometimes are intended to have longer-term effects.

The items are chosen to rein- force the Land Rover brand image of ruggedness and adventure.

Sexton Donald. Marketing

Objectives of Trade-Oriented Promotions Generally, the objectives oftrade-oriented promotions are to build support by your resellers. Generally, the objectives of trade-oriented promotions are to build support by your resellers. EffortThe amount to spend on promotions depends on the estimated effects overtime—especially regarding acquiring new customers, and increasing usageand loyalty of current customers. Then you make assumptions regardingwhat percentage of those seeing your promotion will take advantage of it seeExhibit You also need to estimate the value of a new customer.

Thatwould be the revenue you might expect from them over the next few yearsless the cost of serving them. Then you can compare the value of the newcustomers brought in by the promotion versus its cost to determine whetheryou wish to go ahead with the promotion see Exhibit You can also usethe objective and task approach to compare different promotions you mightbe considering.

Evaluating Promotion Budget—Health Club ExampleFor example, suppose you are running a small health club for people whomyou provide personal trainers. A typical membership includes 20 workouts. Toenroll more members, you are thinking of running an ad in the local newspa-per offering a free workout with a trainer. Just as you did with the soap examplein the advertising chapter see Chapter 19 , you estimate that of the peoplewho see the ad, maybe 1 percent will follow up on the offer.

Of those whohave the free workout, you believe maybe 25 percent will download a workoutmembership in your club. The newspaper tells you that their circulationconsists of 10, adults. Based on your assumptions, the ad would lead to25 new members for your health club Exhibit You do have the capacityto handle that number of new members. Whether you go ahead depends onwhether you feel the extra 25 new members would justify the cost of thead and the cost of the free workouts.

There is a cost to the workoutsExhibit According to the calculationsin Exhibit In Exhibits Although you estimate that promotion willbring you more prospective clients, you believe a lower percentagewill enroll because they may be coming by just for a free towel. Sales promotion is especially helpful when you would liketo stimulate downloads. For example, perhaps you operate a motel and want toincrease occupancy during the off-season.

You might use promotion methodsto attract more customers. You need to look at your overall communicationsobjectives and decide where your downloads might require a boost. You might Sales Promotionthen consider whether the promotion should be directed to the consumers orcustomers, or to the trade for maximum effect. The worksheet in Exhibit Finally,you would estimate the cost of each of the promotions you are planning andenter that in the budget lines. For other use, contact Don Sexton at Marketing thearrowgroup.

Once you changebehavior, however, you need to follow up to make sure that you keep theattention of the consumers or customers so that they continue to download fromyou and the attention of the trade so that they continue to support you. Although promotion methods can be very helpful to stimulate sales, keep inmind that they cannot rescue a failing product or service.

Personal selling is used inmost business-to-business transactions and a great number of consumertransactions. The key resource in personal selling is time. Successful salespeople understand the value of face time and always tryto make the most of it.

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In many organizations, sales force time is a bottleneckresource. Often, marketing is organized byproduct and sales is organized by geography. Product managers may requestmore sales force time than is available in the sales territories. An effective salesstrategy provides a plan for where and how members of a sales force will spendtheir time, especially their time interacting with customers.

The sales strategydescribed here is the strategy that the manager of a team of sales representa-tives develops and uses.

Note that there are similar sales strategies for national or regional salesmanagers, or for the sales representatives themselves. Each of those strategieswould have the same components but at a different level of aggregation. Forexample, the sales strategy for the national sales manager would show theallocation of the selling time of the entire sales force across all products andservices.

The sales strategy for the individual sales representative would showthe allocation of their selling time across the products and services that theyare responsible to sell. Components of the Sales StrategyThe main components of a sales strategy are Exhibit Usually they are expressed in unit or monetary sales.

Also included in this part of the sales strategy would be the policy for com- pensation and other rewards. Sales ObjectivesObjectives in the sales strategy are usually expressed as unit or monetary salesand are based on objectives stated in the marketing strategies for the productsor services being sold. You should state these objectives quantitatively andbreak them out by product or service and by market. These objectives are theoverall sales objectives for the sales manager, who then allocates these objec-tives among the sales representatives whom they direct.

For example, the annual sales objectives for the sales manager associ-ated with Exhibit In turn, the sales manager hasallocated those objectives among the four sales representatives whom theymanage. Average price per square foot was nearly 25 percent higher and sales velocity units sold per month 50 percent higher than compet- ing properties.

Trump explained to Business Week. One exception is that, in some organizations, sales objectives for particularproducts or services may be set high to motivate salespeople. Without that focus, sales representatives may spend theirselling effort on the products they prefer and on the customers they pre-fer, rather than on those where the company would like selling effort.

Forexample, Exhibit Suppose you are a salesperson.

Who would you rather call on: a customeryou know really well or someone you have never met? Many people prefer totalk to people they already know. Similarly, would you rather try to sell a prod-uct that you know very well because you have been selling it for a long time ora product that you have just heard about? It is true that salespeople want newproducts, but the comfort level for selling current products is often higher. If sales representatives are spending their time on current customers andon current products, then what happens to the organization?

You can solve this effort problem a variety of ways. For example,some companies do not pay any sales bonus unless the objectives for everyproduct or service and for every market are achieved. Another way for you toencourage attaining sales objectives for new customers and new markets isto improve training of salespeople through joint calls or product seminars. Such training can increase the comfort level of selling in new areas. Finally, youcan establish two sales forces. Effort AllocationGiven sales objectives, how should the sales force allocate their efforts amongproducts or services and among customers?

The allocation of sales force timeis summarized in the time allocation table Exhibit The difference isthat the sales objective table shows all the sales objectives, whereas the timeallocation table shows the time needed to achieve those objectives for eachproduct or service and each customer or market.

For example, generally, you would expect more time to berequired to sell a new product or service such as product C in the exhibits ,or to sell to a new customer. Experienced salespeople usually have a fairly accurate idea as to howmuch time and how many calls will be needed to make a sale. That informa-tion is used to estimate the time allocations for each product and customer.

Although these estimates may not be accurate for each customer,they provide an overall forecast for the time that might be needed to achieveyour sales objectives.

The total selling time available to the sales manager can be found bydoing an analysis of how the sales representatives currently spend theirtime. Suppose, for example, the sales manager associated with Exhibit The sales manager will allocate that time among prod-ucts and also markets to maximize the chances that the sales objectives inExhibit In practice, the salespeople will likely not spendexactly the amounts of time shown in Exhibit The purpose of these timeallocations is not to be a straightjacket but to provide guidelines for thesalespeople.

Without such guidelines, often sales times can be misallocatedor wasted.Brands are symbols and you must manage them carefully.

Intermediate ObjectivesUsually, people do not change their behavior immediately. He has taught at Columbia for more than 30 years, and his articles on branding and marketing have appeared in such publications as the New York Times, BusinessWeek, and Shanghai's National Business Daily.

It is backward as it seems to make sales determine advertising rather thanadvertising lead to sales. It requires you to think through the process of how youacquire customers, and that is often a useful exercise. That is the purpose of a selling strategy. For a small organization, the key issues in your media choice will prob-ably be coverage of the customers in your target market and cost. The newspaper tells you that their circulationconsists of 10, adults.

Usually,sales promotion can get you short-term results. If your main business objective for your restaurant is topersuade your target customers to visit your restaurant more often, then yourcommunications action objective would be to persuade your target customers toeat out at your restaurant more often; this is known as an increase usage objective.

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