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you with the Ziglar goal setting system taken from our much-loved in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar. 2. "A MUST HAVE for all who are looking for the motivation to improve the quality of their lives" -Jack Can field Co-Author Zig Ziglar's Little PDF Of Big Quotes. To. “The number one reason for my success is my character and integrity.” Zig Ziglar. According to the Noah Webster American Dictionary of the English.

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See You at the Top By Zig Ziglar PDF | Free Download PDF Books. Top = Formerly Entitled Biscuits, Fleas, and Pump Handles (Motivational Series) Zig Ziglar. Formerly entitled. BISCUITS, FLEAS AND PUMP HANDLES. By ZIG ZIGLAR. Illustrated by AI Mayton. PELICAN PUBLISHING COMPANY. GRETNA GOOD NEWS: By following these procedures and working on your goals every day, you will have several extra hours each week to pursue your own business.

Some goals must be small and daily, to keep you disciplined and in touch with the reality of the nitty-gritties of daily living. Some goals must be ongoing. Some goals sales, educational, financial, weight loss, etc. Most goals should be specific. A nice home is not as good as a 3, square-foot, Tudor-type home with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 living spaces. Some goalssuch as improving your self- image, becoming a better parent, or getting a better educationare more difficult to pinpoint.

Those that are less specific by nature should be broken down into specific tangible steps. For instance, a step to becoming a better parent could be spend one hour per week one-on-one with each child.

Action Step 6From your remaining list, choose four goals that are the most important to you, things you need to work on right now. Enter them in your journal, Weekly Planner or Palm Pilot, or simply rewrite them on a separate sheet of paper you can keep with you at all times.

Its essential to track your progress toward your goals. This is where a journal or Day Planner really comes in handy. By recording your progress, you will be encouraged greatly as you work to reach your goals.

If this is your first goal-setting effort, you might want to start with two or three short-range goals instead. No need to set the bar impossibly high in the beginning. Plot your strategies on these, once again using your journal or Planner or Pilot.

Take this step NOW. Motivation only comes after you start a project. You have now invested more time in planning your future than most of your friends, relatives, and associaltes. But there is one more step remaining: Once again using your journal, Planner or Pilotor even a regular calendar will do, although youll need one with some space to write on plot your strategy for achieving your goals over the next 12 months, including completion dates.

This will give you not only a clear map of where you are going on your trip to the top, but, after the fact, a permanent record of your accomplishments as you journeyed there. Make the commitment to reach your goal. One person with a commitment is worth a hundred who only have an interest.

Mary Crowley. Commit yourself to detailed accountability. Record your progress toward your goals every night, and list the six most important thingsin order of their importanceyou need to do the next day.

Daily discipline is the key to reaching your goals. Build your life on a solid foundation of honesty, character, integrity, trust, love, and loyalty. This foundation will give you an honest shot at reaching any goal you have set properly. Break your intermediate and long-range goals into increments. Shape up physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Whether customers or employees, we all know deep down that we all make mistakes and an apology opens our willingness to forgive and allow second chances. Bad apologies So, how do you apologise? Let me start with how you should NOT apologise. Never apologise when you are insincere.

People know an insincere apology.

We see many examples of bad apologies in the corporate world. Mattel in had to recall 20 million toys, including some Barbie dolls. And they blamed their Chinese manufacturers for the issues. It resulted in Mattel having to make another apology to their Chinese manufacturers as well. Apple in made one of these insincere apologies. When they reduced their price of their iPhone by a third within a few months, the early downloadrs were upset.

This resulted in more angry emails and letters which prompted Steve Jobs to apologise officially. However, a huge part of his apology statement listed the business case for the price drop.

How do we apologise?

And some may take it as a second insult where we are implying that the offended person is too sensitive as we view it as a non-issue. Never apologise for anything for which you are not sorry for — Your insincerity will be very obvious.

Separate the apology and the explanation — Apologise. No need explanations. We all want the other person to understand that it is not entirely our fault, but this should never happen during the apology. Always try to apologise in person if possible — Never use email to apologise as it comes across as insincere.

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I recognize that to reach my goals I must grow personally and have the right mental attitude, so I promise to specifically increase my knowledge in my chosen field and regularly read positive growth books and magazines.

I will also attend lectures and seminars, take courses in personal growth and development, and utilize my time more effectively by listening to motivational and educational recordings. I will keep a list of these activities. Persistence and commitment are prerequisite to reaching my goals, so I promise I will work faithfully on my goals daily. I agree to chart my progress daily. And I commit myself to reaching the top, where I know Ill enjoy a magnificent view.

You were designed for success. You were endowed with the seeds of greatness. But would you know success if it tapped you on the shoulder and gave you its business card? Sounds odd, but many people who come up to me and say they want to be successful cant answer one key ques- tionWhat is success? Answer the following questions to help you define what success means to you. What is your personal definition of success? How will you know when youre successful? How will it look and feel? Are you sure youd recognize it?

How close are you now? Or, given your definition of success, have you already succeeded?

Great Quotes From Zig Ziglar

According to your personal definition, what specific things do you have left to do in order to be successful? What three actions can you take starting today to move further down the path toward living your personal definition of success? It seems to be the day they have the best attitude and use their skills to the best of their ability. I magine what you could accomplish if you were that focused every day. You can work on this. Are some people born for success while others are not?

Is the passion to succeed due to nature or nur- ture, skill or attitude? What do you think? On the next few pages, lets begin to find out. For each attribute or personal asset listed below, check whether you believe it is a skill or an attitude.

Zig Ziglar_A View From the Top.pdf

T h e n , no matter what you check, decide whether or not you currently have it as part of your own personality.

Have it? Defend your answer in the space provided below. Now jot a few notes about the experience of taking this assessment.

Zig Ziglar Born To Win Pdf

Was it easy? Were there any surprises? Did you have more or fewer of the ingredients for passion and success than youd expect- ed? What did this exercise make you think about or feel? Problem is, too few people know what they really wantand if the things they really want are things they really need.

Theres a difference, and todays the day you start sorting it all out.

The following exercises will help you get organized. Fill in the blanks below with things you really want out of life and things you truly need. Want Need How do you account for any discrepancies between what you want in life and what you truly need? How much time and energy have you spent trying to get what you want rather than what you need? Action 1 Action 2 Action 3 How many things on your Needs list do you already have?

The trick is to get past them in order to realize your fullest potential. And its some tricknothing easy about it. It takes work. But its work worth the effort, for it lets you be your very best self.

In the space below, write down some of your fears. While you can list things like Im scared of the dark or Man, snakes sure frighten me, Id rather you list the unexpected things youre afraid life might bring youor what it might fail to bring.

What things prey on your mind, maybe keep you up at nightthings you didnt handle well, things you wish youd done differently. What I feel guilty about in my career What I feel guilty about in my family life What I feel guilty about in the rest of my personal life A View from the Top Guidebook 13 How are fear and guilt holding you back? What could you be doingor doing betterif the guilt and the fear went away? What three actions can you take starting today to start lifting the burden of your fear and guilt?

For each of the categories below, please circle either Plus or Minus. By circling Plus, youre indicating that things are going well in that area of your life, that you see it as an asset right now.

By circling Minus, however, youre telling yourself that something isnt the way you want it to be right now, the ideal indication that some serious goal setting is in order. Was it as easy as you thought it would be? Was it difficult?

What did it make you think about or feel? And you think your job is tough!

By the end of his act, he had about a dozen plates all spinning around up there, not one of them crashing to the ground. Life can be a big balancing act too. All that balancing can be done, but it takes effort. It takes concentration, commit- ment, and planning.

And it takes understanding on your part that all the various aspects of your life are interconnected. Your personal life affects your family life which affects your business life which affects you physically which affects you mentally which affects you spiritually which affects you financially which affects you personally. Its an unending cycle of cause and effect, all spinning around like that guys plates.

Everything in your life affects everything else, and everything starts with YOU! Rate yourself on each spokein other words, place a dot next to the number you think best represents where you are current- ly with that aspect of your life.

How healthy, how secure it is right now. A 1 means poor, and a 10 means absolutely excellent. When youre done rating yourself, connect the dots youve made with a curved line. You will probably find that the bumps you are experiencing in life are noted clearly on this wheel. These are the areas in which you need to set new goals. In the space provided below, please count your many blessings.

Make extra copies of this sheet if necessary. And consider referring to them at least once a week, if not daily. You never want to forget that gratitude fine-tunes the engine powering your success. What I am grateful for in my career 1. What I am grateful for in my family 1. Below there are ten boxes, a kind of blueprint for your Wall of Gratitude. Imagine these boxes are picture frames. In each frame, write a persons name not just any persons name, however.

Each name written there should belong to a man or woman who have made a positive impact on your life. It can be a friend, an employer, an employeeit can be a teacher, minister, a member of your churchor it can be a family member or some other loved one. The only limit here is that they all are those you want to remember as people who have helped you along the way.

After completing this exercise, seriously consider creating a real wall of gratitude, with real pictures. Looking daily at these very important people will help you honor those who assisted you and remind you to be of help to others. Remind yourself, in words, of they impact each has had on your life. I want you to write your own eulogy. Yes, you read correctlywrite your own eulogy. In the space below, record how you want to be remembered. Then study it, and decide how close you are to being that kind of person.

Ask yourself what you can do, starting today, to be the person youre writing about. Were going to use a proven-effective process consisting of seven action steps. By the time you complete this exercise, you will be armed with a complete set of well-written, achievable goals.

Lets begin! Action Step 1Let your imagination run wild. In the spaces below marked Dream, print everything you want to be, do, or have. Printing allows you concentrate more. If you have a family, be sure to include your mate and children when you set your goals.

Dont limit yourself at allthats why we call it a Dream List.

For now, just fill in the Dream. Well take care of the other items later on. Make multiple copies of this form prior to beginning. Now you can fill in the Why line on the Dream List on the previous page. If you cant verbalize in one sentence why you want to be, do, or have what you have written as a dream, then it truly is a dream, not a real goal.Thats mainly up to you.

Start procrastinating tomorrow. It is apt that the text don quixote abridged version an indication an wart at the american's close when she irons.

How much time and energy have you spent trying to get what you want rather than what you need? Listen to yourself talk when you catch yourself procrastinating. Always try to apologise in person if possible — Never use email to apologise as it comes across as insincere. By recording your progress, you will be encouraged greatly as you work to reach your goals. Eric Hoffer If man can take moldy bread and make penicillin, just consider what a loving God can make out of you.

No need to set the bar impossibly high in the beginning. Furthermore, great CEOs understand that saying sorry can strengthen their organisation.

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